Thursday, December 10, 2009

I suck at blogging

I started so strongly this time around and then fizzled out like usual. OH WELL.
I am towards the end of The Order of the Phoenix in the Harry Potter series. They really do just keep getting better and better. Although so far I would have to say that of the movies, the third is my favorite. I kind of love professor Lupin. Also, I really did NOT like the fourth movie. I felt like they left so much stuff out and changed around so much stuff that it took away from a lot of my favorite moments in the book. I know they have to change things to make it more cinematic and all that, but I think the changed could have been a little less extreme.
Although, in the fourth movie, I absolutely love the scene when Voldemort becomes whole again. I think the actor did an amazing job at being evil and eccentric and a just twitchy enough to make me almost enjoy Voldemort. Not as a person, just as an incredible transfer of character from page to screen.
I have finally, I think, convinced Mike to read the series. He wants to finish the Lord of the Rings first, and he is in The Two Towers now, so maybe next week or the week after he will start the HP books.
In other news, Christmas is coming! I have already bought most of the presents I intended to get, I just want to find something extra for my mom and something for my brother. Other than that I think I am mostly done. I don't have a ton of people to buy presents for really, since most of my friends are friends I made in college when we were all broke so we never got into the habit of giving gifts! I would like to find something small and nice to get each of my skating students, but I haven't thought of anything suitable just yet.