Sunday, June 13, 2010

Too Many Books For My Bookshelves

I finally got tired of having random piles of books scattered about on tables, floors, stacked in front of other books on shelves, and decided to reorganize. The small bookcase in the living room stayed the same, because the shelf space is smaller, and can't fit tall books, so all my short books stayed put. The large bookcase in the living room had a massive makeover.

The top shelf, which was unused except for random papers, is now a shelf for my favorite authors (Caletti, Johnson, Green, Collins, Cashore...).
The second shelf down is a continuation of this, as well as random books I really enjoyed (Dessen, Stolarz, Summers, Wiess...).
The middle shelf is what I refer to as "adventure books" (read as: books I am making Mike read). This includes my paperback Harry Potter collection, the Redwall books, LOTR & The Hobbit, and Mike's Genghis Khan books.
The second shelf from the bottom is half "grown-up books" (like The Help, White Oleander, Pillars of the Earth...) and half memoirs, like Chelsea Handler's books, and my many memoirs about messed up females.
The bottom shelf is half school books from UMD, and half books I've borrowed from my mother. There is also a stack of "coffee table books" including one about Penguins, one about the Bruins, and one about the state of Washington.

The bookcase in my bedroom also got redone. The top shelf, which was where my favorite authors resided before, is now for my To-Read books.
The middle shelf stayed mostly the same, and is where all my Push Fiction books hang out. I added a few books I like as well.
The bottom shelf is now for books I read and liked, and might like to read again.

The excess books that I removed from shelves are now in a box, as they have been dubbed as too embarrassing to be seen on shelves by myself or anyone else. I don't have a place for the box yet, but as soon as I muster up the motivation I will add it to the other boxes of embarrassing books that are in the bottom of my closet.

I finished "Familiar Scars" by Christy Leigh Stewart, which was the book I won from GoodReads, and started reading "When It Happens" by Susane Colasanti. It's alright so far, but it hasn't sucked me in as I wished it would.

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