Tuesday, December 7, 2010

New review format!

I'm going to introduce a new format to my blog, so I can keep track of books better and actually have some standards on why I did or did not like the books I read.
Here goes!

Overall: (0-5 stars)
GoodReads blurb:
Stlye (writing style):
My Summary:
To Buy: (Amazon link)

Here is the first run through with the new format:

Title: The Summer of Skinny Dipping
Author: Amanda Howells
Year: 2010
Overall: * * * (3 of 5)

GoodReads blurb: Sometimes I still wake up shivering in the early hours of the morning, drowning in dreams of being out there in the ocean that summer, of looking up at the moon and feeling as invisible and free as a fish. But I'm jumping ahead, and to tell the story right I have to go back to the very beginning. To a place called Indigo Beach. To a boy with pale skin that glowed against the dark waves. To the start of something neither of us could have predicted, and which would mark us forever, making everything that came after and before seem like it belonged to another life.

My name is Mia Gordon: I was sixteen years old, and I remember everything.

Plot: * * * 1/2
Characters: * * *
Style: * * *

My Review: There were times when I really liked this story, but I felt like what happened wasn't a surprise because of how frequently it was hinted to that "the undertow was badddddd." I liked Mia for the most part, though I got the "poor me" vibe from her a lot, and she seemed to be very "typical female protag." I wasn't a big fan of Simon as a character either. There just weren't enough likable people in this story for me. Also, I was remind of Lucas by Kevin Brooks, without the "angry village" bit.

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