Monday, February 25, 2008

Almost done with RWS

Okay, so I'm a little more than halfway through "Running with Scissors," and it's taking me longer to read this book than it has ever taken me to read any other book. Possibly because of a strong positive correlation between my age and level of laziness. But even though it's slow-goings, it's a good book - though I can't tell if it's truly a good, well-written book, or just that the stories from Burroughs' adolescence are so ridiculous that it makes the book good. I do recommend reading it, just not to the faint of heart...
Once I finish this book, The Last Unicorn is next, which I started to read last year, and then lost, and then found it again, so I pretty much am going to start over because I don't remember much of what happened. I'm reading it because it was a book my mother really enjoyed when she was my age, and maybe if I read it, we'll have more than our last name in common.
On a lighter note, I'm actually going to be doing something over Spring Break instead of going to my parents' house and being lazy for 9 days. My boyfriend and I are going away for 4 nights, just out to Western MA to have a few days to ourselves and have some fun. Hopefully this vacation is more pleasant than our jaunt to Vegas, which resulted in hospitalization due to food poisoning (sorry!). But I am so excited for this mini-trip because it's to one of my favorite towns with my favorite person!
Random question for the day:
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