Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Assigned Reading Book Reviews

As a heads up, I will be adding a different style of book review for the books I read for grad school. I may still give them a rating and my usual style of review, but instead of focusing on my likes or dislikes of the books, I will be focusing more on what they offer to the YA population and then might do updates to those posts after we discuss the books in class, adding in other classmates' opinions and theories. I am far more interested in other people's opinions than in my own.
I am not really a big fan of picking apart the books I read, as I would rather enjoy them (or dislike them) for my initial feelings or thoughts towards them. Digging into books feels like putting words into the author's mouth, because unless they have clearly stated it somewhere, there is no way to know their true intentions or if any insight or knowledge we gain from a book was the author's desired intent or if it is just a reflection of ourselves, the readers.
These posts will be scattered throughout my usual book review posts, and I will make note in the post title if it is a book for class.

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Opie said...

I like the idea! I'll be sure to read them!