Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Bruins, ANTM, and Not Reading

I didn't read at all today. I mean, there's still time, but it's already 10:30 pm and while I have looked at my book many times, as it's sitting right next to me, I haven't even touched it.

This morning Mike and I went to the Boston Bruins practice in Wilmington. I posted some of the pics to my flickr and on my facebook page. It was a lot of fun seeing the new guys practice with the more seasoned players. The practice time was split in two, with the guys who were going to play in tonight's pre-season game practicing first and the rest of the guys going on second. Bergeron, Ryder, Begin, Rask, and Thornton were among the guys on the first practice. In the second group were a lot more of the players we've seen before, like Tim Thomas, Chara, Sturm (glad he's back!), Savard, Lucic, Kobasew, Recchi, and Krejci. There were a lot of the rookies out there too, making the practice a bit crowded, but also very exciting. Coach Julien was out there during the second practice too, which was awesome because you can tell he gets really fired up about his team, and it's nice to see that he just wants them to succeed and improve as players.

The guys that played in tonight's pre-season game did pretty well. There were some rough spots that the rookies will need to work through, but it's to be expected when it's your first time playing in the NHL and you're probably a bit jittery from nerves and excitement. The Bruins won 3-2 over the Toronto Maple Leafs. There were a lot of fights, which is fun to watch, especially when the fights involve the rookies and you're not sure how well they will fair. The goals the Bruins scored were from Begin, Marchand, & Wozniewski, all players who are new to the Bruins (either from another team or rookies).

I only saw parts of the game because today's Wednesday and that means one of my friend's comes over to watch America's Next Top Model. Yes, I am aware this show is terrible, and that Tyra Banks is certifiably cracked, but I still love every minute of it. The girls are usually a bit on the dumb side and somehow manage to make Tyra look like a genius, and there are always some girls that just stump you on how they got on the show. One of the girls, while sweet, looks like Mena Suvari, and another of the girls looks genuinely manly. Two of my close friends and I have been watching the show together every week since freshman year of college, but now one of them lives too far away, so the group is now me & the two Mikes. It's still fun, and has actually forced me to start cooking again, though I'm just making simple things like Sloppy Joes and Tacos. Both are still delicious though.

This leads me to the topic of cooking. I just can't bring myself to do it unless people are coming over. I know, I should be all wife-to-be and cook my fiance dinner sometimes, but the most I can manage is tuna melts and instants mashed potatoes... Sorry, Mom! I just hate making a mess in the kitchen when it's just for the two of us. Cooking itself is kind of fun, because you get wrapped up in thinking about the food and therefore can't really worry about anything else (which is great for me, since I worry all the time about anything and everything!), but I don't like cleaning up afterwards and the mess just seems so much bigger than the meal. Maybe I will get over this. But for now, I am a sandwich and microwavable soup kinda gal.

Tomorrow is going to be kind of busy for me, but I think it will be a good day. I have "Job A" in the morning, followed by "Job B" for about an hour, and then Thursday Dinner! I love Thursday Dinner. It's this tradition my friend Jackie and I started the beginning of this year. We have dinner at TGIFridays every Thursday (not to be funny, just because it's delicious!) and usually hang out for a bit afterwards. It's such a nice way to kick back and have some fun before the work week is truly over, and we always manage to laugh non-stop the whole time we're there. We've switched Fridays locations though, due to the location of my coaching job, which is fine, because people were starting to recognize us at the other location! It was always the same host who would open the door for us upon arrival and one time he was like "Wow, you girls must like it here," which was so awkward, and then once we had a waitress who we had never had before and she asked us if we had one of the Fridays "Give Me More Stripes" cards and was surprised that we didn't have them, because she thought she us in there a lot. That was even more awkward. Someone we'd never had as a waitress before knew we were there every week... needless to say, the change in location was welcome.

Now that I have rambled sufficiently for a Wednesday night, I am going to get back to watching "Lockdown!" on NatGeo. I don't know why we watch this every week, because I've never had an interest in the prison system, and I don't know what Mike is so fascinated by about it, but I don't think we've missed a week since earlier this Summer. Weird.
I promise tomorrow night I'll have a book update!

OH and Happy Birthday to HayleyGHoover!

AND: a photo I took last weekend, for your enjoyment:

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