Friday, September 18, 2009

It's true, I lie.

Instead of reading or writing yesterday, I went to work (both jobs) and then went out for Thursday dinner with Jackie. We went to Target first, because Target is our favorite store, and bought cheesy Halloween T-shirts with goofy looking sparkly ghosts in true teenage fashion. We also tried on as many pairs of ugly shoes and boots as we could before getting dirty looks from the young lady rearranging all the shoe shelves.

We then went to TGIFridays for our usual dinner, were seated at one of the awkward little tables that is half booth/half chairs, and enjoyed the waiter who was still in training. He was actually one of the best waiters we've had there, because he was obviously a little nervous and trying to make sure we liked him and a good time at dinner. He was funny and joked back and forth with us, and he was very polite. Usually we get a female waitress who looks like she's on her last leg and wants to poison our potato skins. It's a good thing we tip well, because with the number of times we go there, we'd surely end up dead.

We then took the long way back to Jackie's apartment, where we watched the Degrassi movie from earlier this Summer and then the second episode of The Vampire Diaries, finishing up with the first episode of the new Melrose Place. In one night I went from being a normal 23 year old female to a ridiculously cliche 16 year old girl. I have to say, I enjoyed every minute of it. I love Degrassi, and have since I was in high school when the main "the next generation" characters were Emma, Paige, Ashley, Manny, etc. Now there are a ton of new kids that I don't really like, but the show is so ridiculous that I still love it. The movie focused on a lot of the characters from the earlier years of this batch of Degrassi, like Manny, Paige, Marco, Ellie, Craig, and Jay. It was good except for the part when the DVR didn't record the whole thing, so we still have no idea how it ends. Fantastic.

The Vampire Diaries was so terrible that it was almost amazing. The acting is really bad, and apparently the actors all learned how to be "vampy" from Twilight, because the "good" vampire brother on the show does the "Edward Brooding Look" where he furrows his brow and looks like he has amnesia. The girl, Elena, is actually the girl who played Mia on Degrassi, who was one of my favorite characters. But she can't act all that well, although I don't think the show is giving her much to work with anyways, so it's a tough call. The writing is really just awful, I don't know if I can blame the book series author or the script writer, but either way, I'm glad I never read the series.

Melrose Place was actually really intriguing. I never watched the original series, and I'm not usually into soap operas (except for One Tree Hill!), but the cheesy soap opera dialogue worked well for what the show is trying to accomplish. They did a good job of introducing all of the residents of "Melrose Place," and I am thoroughly confused about who killed the landlady. It's funny to see Ashlee Simpson acting again, since I remember when she was cute and blond and on 7th Heaven. I like her better as an actress than as a singer, I have to say.

So while I didn't spend my night book worming it up, I did spend it being a giggly 16 year old girl, hanging out with my best friend, and eating lots of sugar-coated Donettes!

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