Sunday, August 30, 2009

Books and Bookworms

Thanks to a friend, Jim, I no longer have to make the decision on what book to read. I've started "Redwall" by Brian Jacques a couple of times, once while babysitting about 5 years ago, and once maybe 2 years ago. But both times I ended up losing the book for a while and by the time I found it, I couldn't remember what happened. My copy has been sitting on my shelf for a couple months now after I found it in the trunk of my car, Lyla. Finding books in my trunk happens more frequently than I'd like to admit. I've bought books at B&N, put the bag in my trunk, and completely forgotten about then for months until someone mentions a book and I go "Hmmm I think I bought that but where the heck is it?" Then I remember the dismal abyss that is the back half of Lyla and go hunting around in it, barely escaping with my life, until I find that bag of books.
One of the main reasons I've always wanted to read Redwall, and hopefully some of the following books in the series, is because the Redwall Abbey books are the only books I have ever seen my brother read. Dan is not quite the bookworm that I am, so if an author can write adventures so well that even he will be sucked in, then I definitely want to check them out too.
Speaking of bookworms, I've been playing the second volume of Bookworm Adventures, an almost-RPG where you spell words to defeat your enemies and increase your health & strength. It's extremely nerdy and I completely love it. I've beat the first volume too many times to count and I've almost beat the second volume. Whoever designs it is hilarious and includes all these hidden literary jokes. One of the "chapters" in the game refers to a bunch of classic characters for literary history and their "attacks" are all references to the books they are from, which amuses me to no end. The great part about the game is that I, a book nerd, can play and have fun, and Mike, who is more into computer/video games than books, can also play and have fun, so it really appeals to both worlds. I recommend it as a great cure for boredom.

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