Saturday, August 29, 2009

Something New and Unusual

Warning: this blog post is not about books. Escape while you can.
While I enjoy writing about the books I'm reading, I also just enjoy writing for the sake of getting something out there and turning a thought into something that exists out in the world. I used to keep journals and write in them everyday, but then I went to college and actually went out and experienced things for myself. Instead of watching other people and writing down what I was observing, I went out and had fun and no longer needed to write about it because I knew I'd remember those times on my own.
Lately, though, I've missed writing. It's seriously been ages, as I've now been out of college for over a year. So my idea was to start writing about specific things (like books) and maybe that would one day (which I just wrote as "wonday," that fantastic day of the week where everyone wins!) get my creative juices flowing and I could start writing about other things going on.
...... 2 hours later ......
I was distracted by having fun, oops! And now I am going to continue to do so, and I will finish this later.
Time to actually post this and write more tomorrow!

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