Saturday, August 29, 2009

Dismantlement by Jennifer McMahon

I finished "Dismantled" by Jennifer McMahon quicker than I though I would. It was very well written, and I truly just wanted to rush through it and find out all the bits and pieces of the story. I was completely fooled by the end of the book. There I was, proud of myself for figuring it out, and then the final twist was tossed in and I was thrown for a loop. For being a random pick out at Target, it was superb.
I have to say the parts with Emma's "invisible friend" were very creepy, and they added this whole other dimension to the story. The talk of Suz's ghost being around and causing all the problems for the group gave it a supernatural feeling, but knowing that the author was trying to mess with the reader's mind, I figured there was going to be some crazy plot twist (which there was). But having Emma actually feel and see and smell "Danner," without it being a plot twist, was the creepiest part. And to find out at the end that "Danner" is apparently the ghost of an unborn shild was equally as disturbing.
I felt bad for Tess and Henry, neither of them wanted to cage the other, and neither of them knew how to tell the other the whole truth of how they even started as a couple and as a family. If they'd been honest throughout their relationship, I think they could have worked better together during the "current" part of the book.
The Compassionate Dismantlers idea was completely engrossing. Though the theory is well based (that you can't fully understand something until you take it apart), their practices were a bit much. Instead of merely taking things apart they shattered things and people and then completely destroyed them. Suz lured them into her path of destruction and then lead them astray and forced them to ruin lives, buildings, anything they touched. They were all lucky they never got caught, since almost of all of their acts of dismantlement were incredibly illegal.
Not that any of these people are real or anything... It was just a really good story so I just want to keep gushing about it!
I'm not at home now, so I don't have my next book picked out. I might try Boy Toy though, so I'll keep you posted.